PlayKart 2018: a new chapter

Tomorrow will begin the 2018 Season for our Team. For the first race of PlayKart 2018, we will have Massimiliano Melchiotti making his debut with the Team.

What’s PlayKart?

The amateur championship where … The protagonist is YOU!
brmThe 2018 season represents the decisive turning point for PlayKart championship with an important partnership with Brm Racing. This will allow riders to race the outdoor stages of the championship (8 out of 11) with the kart Ultraleggeri Brm equipped with a 390cc engine of 15 hp power on a kart of only 80 kg with a monstrous weight / power ratio of 5.3 kg / hp! The championship will be interregional and will replace the various regional championships with 11 stages between Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Trentino. This is already pushing true fans of this sport towards this championship that will offer something unique and special, definitely different from the classic rental kart.
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