CECCONELLO wins in Viverone; CEBI 1-2 leads in the Championship!

25 March – Viverone

After two events with very bad condition the drivers found a dry and sunny weather.

Qualify: Cecconello P2 Cocciolo P5

Race 1: Cecconello start from P2 and attack immediately Longo; after few laps he takes the lead that mantained for 3 laps. After a great and correct battle Longo wins the race with 0,083 seconds on Cecconello. Cocciolo P3

Race 2:  Cecconello started race2 with the clear idea to try his best to win the race. (Last win 4/10/2015)

In the second lap of the race attached Longo and took the lead that mantained until the end of the race.

Cocciolo with some difficoulties finished 5th.


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